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יום בחוף הים

!ארטיק! קרטיב

A day at the Beach

Ice-cream bars! Ice pops!

Vignette Lancer la démo

This demo contains a complete lesson, including the comic strip and exercises.

This young woman is charming. She shows up at the beach without her things, buys an ice cream and, a little cheekily, takes advantage of this to ask the ice cream man all sorts of favors. And then finally, this man is so patient, he has a response for everything!

Who are we?

Béatrice Nakache, French TV producer and research assistant, directed and produced this project. She has a passion for Hebrew and has sought to make good use of her experience with audiovisual media in creating this site, which aims to be efficient, user-friendly, and funny.

Dorit Shilo, PhD in Hebrew Language and Literature, is the author of the dialogues and exercises on Medabrim. Born in Israel, she has taught Hebrew at the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon and at the Inalco à Paris. In addition, she has written the latest Hebrew textbooks for the CNED and published articles in the popular press.

A creative and dynamic team of actors, translators, graphic designers, and website developers have likewise contributed to making Medabrim an original project.