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יום בחוף הים

!ארטיק! קרטיב

A day at the Beach

Ice-cream bars! Ice pops!

Vignette Lancer la démo

This demo contains a complete lesson, including the comic strip and exercises.

This young woman is charming. She shows up at the beach without her things, buys an ice cream and, a little cheekily, takes advantage of this to ask the ice cream man all sorts of favors. And then finally, this man is so patient, he has a response for everything!

Medabrim : the best way to improve your spoken hebrew

Are you a good Hebrew reader, but not a great Hebrew speaker? Are you interested in becoming more fluent in oral conversation? is designed to help you perfect your Hebrew through a series of comic strips and exercises based on various themes from everyday life.

With Medabrim, learn what to say and how to say things in daily conversation, learn idiomatic and everyday expressions.

What is Medabrim?

  • Humoristic comic strips;
  • Illustrated interactive exercises;
  • Learning by means of games and training one’s auditory memory;
  • Self-Recording of your conversation with the virtual characters appearing in the comic strip.
  • Medabrim doesn't work on IPhone and Ipad.

Learn Hebrew conversation and enjoy your learning experience from our ultimate Free Trial Lesson !


One can always ask questions, but there are limits. This woman, who gets flustered at the supermarket, running up and down the aisles looking for sales, mistakes a simple client for a sales clerk, and harasses him with questions…..

בחדר הכושר

...אחת, שתיים, שלוש, ארבע

At the gym

One, two, three, four...


It’s nice to sign up for a gym, but you still need a little determination to get started! Will this charming gym instructor find an activity for this lazy guy?

בנמל התעופה

"טיסה "משהו משהו

At the airport

An “extraordinary” flight


When you arrive at passport control at the Ben Gurion Airport, don’t waste your time trying to make conversation with the border police- all that they are asking is “from where are you arriving?” and in Hebrew, please…

יום בשוק

הכל בשקל

A day at the market

Everything for a shekel


Mahane Yehoudah in Jerusalem, the Carmel Shuk in Tel Aviv, what a cornucopia of marvelous fruits and vegetables, of colorful spices and tempting sweets! But it’s better to avoid going while hungry! Otherwise, you want to buy everything and it’s bankruptcy!


?מה את עושה כאן

At the mall

What are you doing here?


What are these two charming young women up to on a weekday morning at the Malha mall in Jerusalem? One of them has errands to run and the other called in sick to the office. Hmm, that’s what they say…..

בחדר ההמתנה

! כואב לי

At the doctor's waiting room

I'm sore!


Some people exaggerate! Showing up in a crowded waiting room, asking to see the doctor immediately on the pretense that they just have to ask a question! And yet it’s a phenomenon that happens every day, you just have to get used to it….

שיחת טלפון

?בא לך לבוא לסרט

A telephone call

Do feel like going out to the movies?


Dear Gentlemen, how would you react if one evening you called a friend to invite her to the movies, and she suggested you go out with her sister instead? And furthermore, the sister in question verified your picture ahead of time on Facebook? What chutzpah!


?מה הסטאטוס שלך

On the Internet

What's your status?


Communicating on the Internet is nice, and makes it possible to know the number of your acquaintances and what they think in real time. That’s virtual life for you…But all the same, nothing’s better than a good cup of coffee on a terrace with a friend in Tel Aviv for a long chat about everything and nothing! Now that’s real life!

שיחת טלפון

בא לי לרקוד

At the Dance Club

I feel like dancing


All of the sudden you can have a crazy desire to go out- why not to a club? Yet you need to convince your entourage. Home, television, slippers: they’re so much more confortable! And then, once you’ve made it out, sometimes the night doesn’t live up to your expectations...


!השיער לא מסתדר לי

At the hairdresser's

My hair's out of place!


It’s really great going to the hairdresser, having a nice chat while sitting comfortably in a beautiful salon, but you do have to be aware of what could be done to your hair. You may be running some risks!

...במשרד התיווך

מחפשים דירה

At the Real Estate Agency...

Looking for an Apartment


A young student decides to contact a real estate agency to find an apartment which should match his expectations. He will not be disappointed by his journey ! The real estate agent will have tried his best anyway…

מטיילים בפריז

?קניות או טיול

A trip in Paris...

Shopping or travelling?


A couple of Israelis vacationing in Paris were getting ready to spend their first day of walking around the capital. The atmosphere is somehow tense, even more so after they notice that they do not have the same objectives – at all. Well, it looks like at first hand…