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יום בחוף הים

!ארטיק! קרטיב

A day at the Beach

Ice-cream bars! Ice pops!

Vignette Lancer la démo

This demo contains a complete lesson, including the comic strip and exercises.

This young woman is charming. She shows up at the beach without her things, buys an ice cream and, a little cheekily, takes advantage of this to ask the ice cream man all sorts of favors. And then finally, this man is so patient, he has a response for everything!

Our Program


  • - Understanding the dialogue perfectly;
  • - Using the colloquial expressions of Israel naturally and pronouncing them with ease.

The sequence is completed when both these goals have been attained.

Our Study Materials

Medabrim offers you original and easy to use materials for learning Hebrew.

Sequences: We offer you a wide selection of sequences on various themes from everyday life. Each sequence consists of Hebrew dialogues presented in the form of comic strips, peppered with colloquial expressions. Subtitles can be added to the dialogues for the benefit of new students.

Glossary: Every word is pronounced and can be looked up whenever you need it.

Conjugation: Each new verb appearing in the text is linked to a translation and to a full conjugation sheet.

Exercises: In order to help you memorize the words and phrases used in the text, each sketch is followed by about thirty interactive exercises. Most of them are accompanied by photos or illustrations.
Students are free to choose whether to follow the recommended order of the exercises or to change it according to their needs and preferences.

Length: Consequently, the program can take between three and five hours to complete, depending on the student’s level and motivation.

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