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יום בחוף הים

!ארטיק! קרטיב

Un día en la playa

¡Helados! ¡Polos!

Vignette Lancer la démo

Este ejemplo contiene una lección completa, con una historieta y todos los ejercicios.

¡Qué encanto de chica ! Llega a la playa sin sus cosas, se compra un helado y, sin ninguna vergüenza, aprovecha para pedirle al vendedor de helados toda clase de favores. Y él es tan paciente… ¡Tiene respuestas para todo!


Article 1: Presentation

This website is operated by MEDABRIM, limited liability company with a capital of 5,000, having its head office at 16, rue Lalo, 75116 PARIS, registered with the Paris Company Registration Office under number 531 358 638. MEDABRIM develops, offers and provides Hebrew distance language training courses using E-learning, all of these services being referred hereinafter to as the "Services offered by MEDABRIM" or the "Services offered".

All correspondence concerning this Internet website is to be sent to the head office of MEDABRIM mentioned above.

Article 2: Object

These General Sales Conditions (hereinafter "GSC") apply to all the services offered by MEDABRIM in relation to orders placed with MEDABRIM by any customer (hereinafter the "Customer") and by any user (hereinafter the "User").

The term Customer refers to the person who acquires the right to use the Hebrew language learning software for E-learning offered by MEDABRIM, whether on behalf of a third party or on his own behalf.

The term User refers to the physical person who acquires the right to use the learning programme or, in the event that the Customer is not the User, the physical person specifically named as beneficiary of the right to use the MEDABRIM learning software at the time of registration.

By placing an order on the MEDABRIM website, both the Customer and the User are deemed to have accepted these GSC in their entirety and unreservedly.

Any condition to the contrary and, in particular, any general or special condition applied by the Customer and/or User shall not, save with the formal, written consent by MEDABRIM, take precedence over these GSC, irrespective of the time at which it may have been brought to its notice. The Customer also acknowledges having received adequate information and advice from MEDABRIM, prior to placing any order, for him to be sure that Services offered met his needs or those of the User.

Article 3: E-Learning Training Courses

3.1 Description

E-learning consists of the provision of open, distance training courses using training modules in a secure electronic environment.

MEDABRIM offers 11 Hebrew language training modules using a specific software package.

Within the framework of the E-Learning, MEDABRIM grants the Customer:

  • the availability of the codes needed to access the MEDABRIM E-learning platform for the benefit of the final user (the User), defined as any physical person having an account allowing him to open a user session and so access the module(s);
  • during a term of twelve (12 ) months from the date of receipt of the confirmation sent by e-mail by MEDABRIM, after which period access will be deactivated; and
  • right of access to the module(s) selected by the Customer.

3.2 Prior test and technical requirements

The User is offered a free sequence in order for him to check that his technical environment is compatible with the MEDABRIM E-learning platform. If the User does not carry out said test, he may not later claim that there is a problem of compatibility or in accessing the modules.

The technical requirements are:

Pentium III, Windows 98/Me/2000/NT4.0/XP/VISTA/Windows 7, RAM: 96MB (XP home) - 160 MB (XP prof.) - 1GB RAM (VISTA/Windows 7), 100 MB of free disk space, Sound card, SVGA 1024x768; earphones or microphone are recommended.

The User undertakes to have at least such equipment available. MEDABRIM shall not under any circumstances ever be liable for the maintenance of the computer used and/or for making a computer available that is suitably equipped for following courses by Internet.

Equally, the communication costs of using the Internet connections needed to access the language learning tools offered by MEDABRIM are the exclusive responsibility of the User and do not form part of the agreement linking MEDABRIM with the User.

It is, moreover, expressly acknowledged by the parties that MEDABRIM solely grants the User a temporary right of access to the language learning tools and in no event any property rights.

3.3 Access to module(s)

Any order signed by the Customer or the User by "double-clicking" on MEDABRIM's Internet website shall constitute irrevocable acceptance that may not be queried except within the limits of these GSC.

The "double-click", associated with the User authentification and non-repudiation procedure and the protection of the integrity of the messages, constitutes an electronic signature that has the same value between the parties as a handwritten signature.

Upon receipt of the order signed in this manner by the Customer, MEDABRIM will send a "Login" name and "Password" to the User's e-mail address, granting him right of access to the module(s) selected by him.

In accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code, a Customer, who has placed an order for module(s) under the above conditions, shall have a period of seven (7) clear days in which to exercise his right of withdrawal without giving a reason therefore or incurring a penalty.

This period of 7 days runs from the reception by the User of the confirmation of registration for the module(s) of his choice, by e-mail sent to the User's e-mail address, giving him his personal access codes for accessing the E-learning platform.

Withdrawal must be by receipted registered letter sent to MEDABRIM's head office.

No withdrawal and/or cancellation of the order may be accepted as of the date on which the User uses the Login and Password permitting him to access the platform's module(s), save for making use of the possibility that he is offered of carrying out a free test beforehand.

In the event of withdrawal in accordance with these conditions, MEDABRIM will refund the Customer the sums paid by the latter within a period of thirty (30) days from receipt of the letter of withdrawal.

3.4 Right of access to the module(s)

Barring any special provisions expressly accepted by MEDABRIM, the rights to use the module(s) accessible on the platform are granted:

for a duration of 12 (twelve) months from the date on which the codes for accessing the platform are made available;

to a single User, and

for the version of MEDABRIM's E-Learning module(s) available on the date of acceptation of the order.

3.5 Number of Users

The rights to use the module(s) are granted solely to the Customer signing the order or, as the case may be, to the one User that he designated for that purpose. The use of the same access by several individuals is formally prohibited.

3.6 Personal right to use

The Login and Password, issued electronically to the User, are sensitive, strictly personal and confidential information, placed under the exclusive responsibility of the User. As such, they may not be transferred, resold or shared.

The User guarantees MEDABRIM that this clause will be respected and is liable for any misuse, including fraudulent use, of his access codes. The User shall immediately inform MEDABRIM of any loss or theft of his access codes. In the event of a breach of the clause restricting transfer or sharing of the access codes being noted, MEDABRIM reserves the right to suspend the service, without compensation or notice, and without prior information.

3.7 Characteristics of on-line training module(s)

The eleven (11) on-line training modules of the MEDABRIM platform relate exclusively to the learning of the Hebrew language.

These learning modules are meant for physical persons, with an intermediate level of Hebrew, i.e. who have already followed Hebrew courses for at least one to two years and who wish to improve their mastery of the language in order to be able to hold an everyday conversation.

Each module (or sequence) includes a dialogue in the form of a comic strip, followed by approximately 35 (thirty-five) exercises in six (6) different groups, including oral comprehension exercises, multiple choice questions, oral repetition, crosswords, sentences with words missing, dialogues, etc.

Each sequence lasts between one and three hours depending on the user's mastery of the language.

Each sequence deals with a different theme and the sequences (or modules) are, therefore, not ranked in order of difficulty.

MEDABRIM reserves the right to modifier the training modules offered on its platform, whether in terms of their general organisation, nature or content, without said modification giving the Customer any right to compensation.

3.8 Warranties on the part of MEDABRIM

MEDABRIM undertakes to do everything possible to guarantee access to its platform 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, during the term of the rights to use the module(s), barring any breakdown or technical constraints related to the specific nature of the Internet network.

The Customer undertakes to informer MEDABRIM within 24 hours of the discovery of any technical malfunctioning. MEDABRIM will do its best to ensure that the platform operates in a reliable and continuous manner but cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the Internet network.

3.9 Assistance

The User may obtain assistance from MEDABRIM regarding any technical difficulties and any question on the operation or use of the language learning software by sending an e-mail for that purpose to MEDABRIM via the "Contact" page on the Internet website.

3.10 Cookies

The User is informed that a "cookie" or a block of data that allows MEDABRIM to identify the User and is used to register information that is indispensable for the former to be able to browse the MEDABRIM platform may be automatically installed in its browser software. The browser software settings allow the presence of any cookie to be notified and the cookie to be rejected. The cookie installed contains only the User's Login and does not allow any third-party website to identify him. The User is, nonetheless, advised to tick the "Log off" option, every time a User session is closed.

Article 4 : Invoicing and Payment

4.1 Prices

All prices shown on the MEDABRIM Internet websites are in euros and include all taxes, at the VAT rate in force on the day of the order. Any bank charges arising from the method of payment are borne by the Customer.

The rates applicable are those in force at the time of the order but may change.

They are currently: 10, including VAT, for one sequence and/or per sequence ordered, special rate of 26, including VAT, for 3 (three) sequences all ordered at the same time, special rate of 80, including VAT, for 10 (ten) sequences all ordered at the same time.

4.2 Payment

Payment may only be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) and via a secure, encrypted system, using the protocols currently in use on the Internet, using the number of the card, name of the card holder, card expiry date and CVV (card verification value or number). The holder's account will be immediately debited for a single payment for the total amount of the order; MEDABRIM does not grant any deferred payment terms. The fact of the Customer having communicated his credit card number constitutes authorisation for MEDABRIM to debit his account for the number of sequences ordered. MEDABRIM reserves the right to cancel any order from a Customer with whom a dispute exists concerning the payment of a previous order.

Article 5 : Limitation of MEDABRIM's liability

MEDABRIM does not assume liability for any technical malfunction of equipment, incorrect use of the E-learning training module(s) or any other causes outside of MEDABRIMs control.

MEDABRIM's liability is expressly limited to compensation for any direct damage, substantiated by the Customer or User. It shall, moreover, not exceed the amount paid by the Customer for the service in question.

MEDABRIM does not, under any circumstances, accept liability for indirect damages, such as loss of data or files, operating losses, commercial harm, loss of income, harm to image or reputation.

Article 6 : Intellectual property

MEDABRIM is the sole holder of the intellectual property rights for all the training courses that it offers its Customers. To that end, all of the educational content and media, irrespective of the form (paper, electronic, digital or oral) used by MEDABRIM to provide training courses remain its sole and exclusive property. As such, they may not be used, transformed or reproduced by the Customer or User in any manner that is not explicitly authorised, without MEDABRIM's express consent.

In particular, the Customer and/or the User shall refrain from using the content of the training courses to train other individuals and shall be liable in this regard on the basis of Articles L 122-4 and L 335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code in the event of unauthorised transfer or communication of the content.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, transmission, or total or partial distortion of the training content of the E-Learning training modules is strictly prohibited, irrespective of the means or medium used. In exchange for payment of the corresponding price, the E-Learning modules are the object of a non-transferable and non-exclusive personal right to use them for a term limited to one year from the date of the activation of the access codes.

Article 7 : Protection of personal data

The User is informed that MEDABRIM may collect and process personal data relating to him for the purposes of improving its offer and following up the order.

In accordance with Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the User has the right to access, modify and seek rectification of personal data concerning him and may send a request on-line, using the form available on the "Contact" page of the "" Internet website, to that end to MEDABRIM, giving the identity and e-mail address of the applicant.

MEDABRIM is responsible for the storage and confidentiality of all data concerning the User and to which it has access.

Article 8 : Partial nullity

In the event of any of the clauses or part of this document being declared null and void or partially null and void, then said clause(s) shall be deemed not to exist and the remainder of the document shall remain valid.

Article 9 : Applicable law - Attribution of competence

These general conditions are governed by French law.

In the event of a dispute arising between the Customer and/or the User and MEDABRIM in the performance of the contract, the parties shall seek to resolve it amicably, failing which the Tribunal de Commerce of Paris alone shall be competent.

Article 8 : Place of Domicile

MEDABRIM elects to be domiciled at its head office at 16, rue Lalo 75116 PARIS